Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?
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Okay. Seriously? What am I talking about?!, "Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?"
... The best way that I can describe it, would be, an 'Ah-Ha' Moment held for a prolonged period of time. That 'Ah-Ha' meaning: When
everything in the [your] world 'just' makes sense and everything falls into place with the feeling of complete peace and knowing. It's about
consciousness, or, as I'm sure you've heard, vibration and frequency; stick around, I'll explain it piece by piece, bit by bit with blog posts,
videos and illustrations. How fun!

Friday, July 8, 2016

How Often Should I Listen to Them?

There's really no set amount that you should be listening to them. Obviously, the more you do something, the better you will get at it. One of the Rules of The Mind is: Each suggestion acted upon creates less opposition to successive suggestion. The more you listen to your downloads and 'do' what they tell you to, the better and faster they will work. You will notice that the more you use the downloads, the better you will feel, the lighter your mood will be and, you'll just simply, feel better and 'be' better in every aspect of your life. A good way to think about it it is, do for your mind more than what you should be doing for your body. If you work out three days a week, listen to your downloads six days. If you go to the gym for two hours a week, listen to four downloads. Is it hard to fit it in all week? Every week? Not once you get into the habit of it. That's one of the fabulous things about sleep hypnosis, you never even have to change your schedule. And, if you listen to one a night, that's at least 3 1/2 hours of positive suggestion or 7 downloads. Easy Peasy! And, the results are amazing! If you're the type of person that cannot sit for long, there's a ton of short ones that are just 15 minutes. Use those until you're ready for something longer.
The habit of listening to downloads is super easy to get into. You'll notice yourself looking forward to that time and even wanting to do it more often. Plus, there's so many choices that you'll be able to use them for what ever is going on in your life. Think of them as your very own on-call, as-needed tool box for life improvement, self management and support for all aspects of your life.
As, said earlier, there's really no set amount of times that you should be doing your downloads. Pay attention to what's working for you. You need to listen to them 'enough' to get an idea of what and how they work in your life. So, with that being said, once a day. If you can't do once a day, do every other day until you can get one in a day. If you're bored, try a different one. You can also mix them up and use different types. Now, I'm talking about all of the downloads associated with Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com. They will not contradict or thwart each other or interfere with any other inner work you're doing; Unless, of course, you pick two opposing downloads. Don't do that. For example: an I'm excited to be married and a happy to be single. Those would be opposing downloads, so, make a choice. Decide which one do you want and listen to other downloads that support your goal[s]. Now, you can listen to effortless weight loss and I take care of my body at the same time. They have the same goal in mind. You'll notice when you click on one of the downloads (View Details) it opens up so that you can read the description. Below that, there's a bunch of downloads that are related to it or may support it. Click here to see the Unlimited Streaming Downloads.  (I use this shop the most for examples because it has all the downloads from all the various shops there. The only ones that are missing are the Classes, Seminars & Lectures and the eCourses & Training.)