Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?
Well, Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy these Psychic Channeling Questions & Answer Sessions!
Okay. Seriously? What am I talking about?!, "Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?"
... The best way that I can describe it, would be, an 'Ah-Ha' Moment held for a prolonged period of time. That 'Ah-Ha' meaning: When
everything in the [your] world 'just' makes sense and everything falls into place with the feeling of complete peace and knowing. It's about
consciousness, or, as I'm sure you've heard, vibration and frequency; stick around, I'll explain it piece by piece, bit by bit with blog posts,
videos and illustrations. How fun!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Manifesting Worksheets

All of our worksheets match either the Exercises ❤ Board on Pinterest, blog entries at The Diary Entries of a Psychic or our monthly newsletter exercises. (Click Here to sign up for Living Lightly Newsletter.) And, there's just a few sprinkled in from the bog Post: Revisiting your Goals and the This Year Board. Happy Manifesting!

One of the main reasons I'm publishing this is because of the image to the left. There's a ton of worksheets that match that exercise. This way it's easy to find and use! Yay!
The worksheets that match this exercise are perfect for creating one thing at a time. You can use it for time frames (a great week like the image below) or for an object or achievement. 
There's different colors, styles and a bunch with different titles. There's spaces for the date, title, goal and a section to write out what you want. Use all of them. Fill out each worksheet completely. There's a lot of papers and paper sets that you can use to record your progress. 

A great day/time is Mondays. I call them Manifesting Mondays. HaHa I even have an
automatic tweet that goes out to remind everyone! (Click Here if you want the Recipe.) So, set an alarm or reminder for you until you make it a habit to set your goals for the week. Every week. It doesn't have be Mondays (I just like them!) it does need to be a day and time that you have space for yourself. It's best to do them the same time and day each week. You'll start to count on yourself and look forward to spending time with you. Yay! Plus, your subconscious mind wants to please you and it likes time and routine. And, it is the part of you that brings everything to you, and regularity breeds security. And be sure to review your last session. Check off what worked and start a new goal. (The TA DA Lists [right] are great for keeping notes on what you've accomplished.)

Here's a cutie meme for you to keep (It's on Pinterest, too.) This is a very simplified reminder of what to do when you're writing out your [weekly] manifesting. The clearer you are with yourself, the better your week will be. * You can use a ton of the manifesting worksheets for this exercise.

Need some goal writing tips? There's a great blog post that has images for you to keep so that you always write them out that you're able to create what you want. Click Here to go to Goal Setting for 2016.  Save the memes. They're super helpful. You can also download the complimentary eBook here.

Many of the worksheets you'll find are self explanatory and are created for your enjoyment and convenience. If they go to a particular blog entry, click on the picture and it will take you there or it will be in the description. If you see, Manifesting: Utilize the Power of your Mind! If You can Think it, You can Create it. Psychic Diary Entries .com, in the description, it's either in multiple places or the article hasn't been published yet. The newsletters and the blog posts have different content and exercises. 
Most of the newsletter content is not released online.