Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?
Well, Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy these Psychic Channeling Questions & Answer Sessions!
Okay. Seriously? What am I talking about?!, "Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?"
... The best way that I can describe it, would be, an 'Ah-Ha' Moment held for a prolonged period of time. That 'Ah-Ha' meaning: When
everything in the [your] world 'just' makes sense and everything falls into place with the feeling of complete peace and knowing. It's about
consciousness, or, as I'm sure you've heard, vibration and frequency; stick around, I'll explain it piece by piece, bit by bit with blog posts,
videos and illustrations. How fun!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Monthly Downloads & Exercises

What's the best way to help you make the changes that you want in every aspect of your life? How about letting you pick what you need?! That means you get a bunch of download choices, manifesting and journaling exercises and, of course, some psychic tips and hints. 

Plus, the theme changes every month so that you move and change at a comfortable speed for you. The first Psychic Diary Entries blog post of every month matches the KMIR News Specials. You  get journaling exercises, download links and a bunch of great stuff that match the monthly theme. Here's the Monthly Shop

I know, sometimes it seems like I am always giving you homework to do. So, yes, there's work to be done here, too. It's worth it. You must do the work to reap the benefits of the changes.  And, by the way, I don't actually take out the 'old' downloads until around the 12th of each month because the new blog post isn't out yet ;) The new ones go in on the first, though. So each month you have the old and the new ones. Pretty cool. If you're a journaler...This is super fantastic. If you're not, learn. It's one the very best ways for you to work with yourself and create what you want. 

Now, if you're serious about changing your life by working with your mind, get the Guided Mediation & Hypnosis Workbook. It goes with all the downloads and is invaluable. Plus, you can print just the pages that you need at the time or write out the various outlines for the downloads you'll be doing in your journal and fill them out as you go. It's like taking lots of classes from yourself! ;) Please enjoy taking 10% off. Here's the link to the workbook. Just enter coupon code discount10 at check out and you'll get 10% off your workbook. There's also inserts if you need them. Happy Tracking!

One last thing... Why is it so inexpensive? Because the world would be a much different place if everyone had more comfortable bodies, believed more in Self, listened to [all of] themselves and, just simply, felt better all of the time. That, in a nutshell, is what these hypnosis and guided meditation downloads do. Yay for Everyone :) Happy Listening!   
Here's a super short clip of May's Segment. The image is shoddy but the message is fabulous. If you'd like to see the whole thing [clearly] click here

Here's the catch: This membership does not automatically renew. You have to go in and get it again every month. There's a free 24 hour trial but you still have to fill out some of the stuff. Seriously, no gimicks~ just make sure you like it before you buy it,  when your trial period is done, check-out again and that's when you'll pay the $10. Voila! All Done. Easy Peasy :) And, you get to stream 5-8 downloads for that month. 

The super cool thing about all of the content and shops is that you set up your account and everything you get from any and all of the stores [associated with Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com] shows up in your account. (So Easy!) And, if you know me, email is not my strong suit :/ Which is one of the reasons I love Content Shelf. (This link goes to your Sign In Page) If you're new to downloady stuff (with me), Just so you know, I don't keep your contact information or care about your email address. Just be sure to use one that you will remember. It's your account that you can get your stuff from. 

Bee sure to Sign up for Living Lightly Monthly Newsletter. You'll get classes, exercises and homework and lots of free downloads and coupons. You get 13 regular newsletters a year and 5-6 special [dated] ones. I think the download gifting is usually 4-5 a year.