Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?
Well, Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy these Psychic Channeling Questions & Answer Sessions!
Okay. Seriously? What am I talking about?!, "Have you ever read or heard what it feels like to channel a stream of Higher Consciousness?"
... The best way that I can describe it, would be, an 'Ah-Ha' Moment held for a prolonged period of time. That 'Ah-Ha' meaning: When
everything in the [your] world 'just' makes sense and everything falls into place with the feeling of complete peace and knowing. It's about
consciousness, or, as I'm sure you've heard, vibration and frequency; stick around, I'll explain it piece by piece, bit by bit with blog posts,
videos and illustrations. How fun!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Holiday Manifesting

Happy Holiday Manifesting! 
One of the very best ways to celebrate the holidays is to set your intention to enjoy them. Each holiday and season has its own special meanings to each and everyone of us. The Manifesting for the Holidays Board on Pinterest gives you a variety of choices (colors and content) so that you can create each holiday to be the best holiday. 

Pick and choose what suits you and your wants and needs. Please use the worksheets and download and save the exercises and memes. Feel free to share them everywhere! We've also created Manifesting Videos for each holiday. Just hit pause to read them. Plus, they have music and sounds in the background and have super cute [video] themes. They'll keep you entertained. :)

Make Every Holiday ~ The Best Holiday you have ever had. Save 10% on all of our downloads that get you ready for the holidays!
Just enter discount10 at check-out. Click here to peruse our selections. (Good in the Body, Mind & Soul Shop only.) Happy Celebrating!

Please Visit and Enjoy our Manifesting Worksheets Board on Pinterest. It has everything that you need to create your best... Everything! 
This Holiday... Make this holiday, season or day, the holiday you want it to be.There's a variety of worksheets and backgrounds for you to choose from. Here's the link to the blog post and the worksheets board. Happy Creating!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mind to Mind Communication

Yay! Everything in one place! Mind to Mind Communication is so much fun! And, there's a plethora of classes, affirmation eBooks and a multiple places where you'll find tips and hints, help and exercises. Bookmark this page. It has everything that you need!  

Mind to Mind Communication Instructions & Classes
* [free] 7 Week eCourse: Psychic Diary Entries [Blog] free summer eCourses. This class has all of the links and instructions that you will need in the pre-course.
* How does it work and How Long Does It take?: Blog Entry & Instructional Video. Just want to see the short explanation and illustration of how you connect with people mind to mind? Click here for the video and Click here to read the article/explanation (It's a great help, by the way!)
* Mind to Mind Abilities Classes & Seminars: Audio Downloads, eBooks, Positive Affirmation Images, Affirmation & Diary Sets, Psychic Exercises (The Extras & Add-Ons Section has audio downloads that can help support your goals.)

Mind to Mind Communication PreCourse: Complimentary set to get you you ready to start your classes. 
Links from this course:

Mind to Mind Communication All the Extra [Fun] Stuff

* One or Two Sets with multiple choices of classes to take:  Classes & Seminars has Audio Downloads, eBooks, Positive Affirmation Images, Affirmation & Diary Sets, Psychic Exercises 
Complete Sets unto themselves: eCourses & Training has Audio Downloads, eBooks, Positive Affirmation Images, Affirmation & 
Diary Sets, Manifesting Exercises

* Communicating Mind to Mind Support: Extras & Add-Ons: Optional Audio Downloads [that support each of the classes]

* Here's our Developing your Psychic Abilities Playlist on YouTube. It has audio downloads for you to listen to, lectures and a bunch of affirmation stuff. Click here to watch the Affirmation Compilation to Enhance your Psychic Abilities. Happy Watching! *

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Let's Chat Series

Let's face it, you can be your best friend and cheerleader or your worst enemy and it all starts in the mind. Everyday we talk ourselves into and out of things. We can beat ourselves up or lift us out of any mood. One of the most valuable things that you can ever do is learn how to talk to yourself~in a way that gets you to where you want to be. In other words, working with yourself not against yourself. 
Many times it's a habit we need to change and/or stop playing those 'old tapes' we have in our heads. Those repetitive thoughts and things we say to ourselves can keep us going or break us down. Every thought you think and word you say to yourself matters. You are listening. If it's not nice, you probably should not be saying it. Every thought moves you toward your goal or against it. So, how do you stop it without getting upset at yourself as you do? You learn a new way of self-talk. No, really, it is that simple. And, you start right here-right now. Programs and blocks will come later (subconscious mind), the part of your mind that's directing you it's going to over-ride the inner mind anyway. Plus, it's pretty hard to get where you want to be (in any aspect of your life) if you're always shooting yourself down. 
The Let's Chat Series is a bunch of downloads that help you get your 'head in the right place'. And, it's an easy way to start reformatting your self talk. You'll be surprised how those ten minutes can change everything. 
Enjoy this journey. You're the one person you've got forever~every moment of everyday. Have Fun!
The complimentary set explains the Let's Chat Series and the best way to use the downloads. It's super short, only about 4 minutes. It comes with directions in a .jpeg and audio/video instructions. Enjoy! Please visit us for the complimentary introduction set and to peruse all of our classes. You may watch the videos here~they are the same downloads that come in the introductory set. Please visit http://jmcveyc.ht/LetsChatSeries for the downloadable complimentary introduction set.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Common Questions about Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?
It is an altered state of consciousness. It is when your conscious attention is focused within your mind. It is also a state where your inner mind is more open to suggestion.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes… if you trust the process, trust the hypnotist, trust the situation and trust yourself. And you must want to be hypnotized.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?
Everyone can be hypnotized but you won’t be if:
1. You fear hypnosis or distrust the hypnotist.
2. You don’t want to be.
3. You try to be hypnotized.

What if I can’t come out of hypnosis?
You are the one in control over the hypnosis. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The hypnotist guides you. There is a very thin line between hypnosis and the normal state of consciousness.

What if I’ve never been in hypnosis?
Most people don’t recognize their experience as “under hypnosis” … they may feel relaxed, in a dream-like state, or feel like they are vaguely listening or paying attention to their surroundings… sometimes you may feel like you are making things up. Everyone experiences an altered state of consciousness differently. If you want to know what it feels like…trust the process and trust yourself.

What can I do to help myself to be hypnotized?
Close your eyes. Quiet your body. Settle the mind by focusing on either the hypnotist’s voice, a pleasant background sound, or both. Move deep into the sense something real and extraordinary is happening. (It’s really that simple)

How does it work?
Hypnotherapy uses various techniques of by passing the conscious mind to heal and/or change the previous programming and experiences that are buried in the subconscious mind.

What is a program?
A program is an idea or belief that has been accepted by the subconscious mind.

Why do I feel like I am being “blocked”?
A block can be an old program or belief (in your subconscious) that doesn’t fit you, your lifestyle, or your thinking anymore.

Read about Blocks here.

Why do I have to change my old programs?
In order to achieve a goal your conscious and subconscious must work together so you can “keep” the results. (i.e. old patterns or cycles that you have been unable to break or that keep creeping back up: self sabotage may fall into this category.)

What if I don’t know where it comes from?
Consciously, you might not but subconsciously you do. And once you’re in the subconscious mind, you are healing and releasing the origin of the problem or issue.

What if I want to be a better at something or change my body?

We would check for blocks first then use hypnosis to program what you want. You can do anything you believe you can.

How do I get rid of the programs I don’t want?

There are techniques designed specifically to erase and replace your existing blocks and programs. You can choose what you want to believe.

What is Regression Therapy?

Hypnotherapists use regression therapy to go back to an experience in this life time that you want to change/fix/heal. This may be the first step in changing old blocks or programs.

What is Past Life Therapy?
Past Life Therapist use past life regression therapy to “go back” to a previous life to fix/change/heal an experience that you have carried with you into this incarnation.

Why use these types of therapies?
If you have an emotional issue or tie to the past whether in this life or the last, it can cause stress and problems in your life now. By utilizing these powerful tools we can bring the healing forward to you today.

How long does it take?
Each session is an hour.

How many sessions does it take?
That completely depends on you.

Your living is determined
not so much by what life brings to you
as by the attitude you bring to life;
not so much by what happens to you
as by the way your mind looks at what happens.
~ John Homer Miller

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hypnosis & Mind Control

The easiest way to chat about mind control and hypnosis is with questions and answers. I hope this helps dispel some of those misconstrued notions. Enjoy!

Is Hypnosis Mind Control? Yes. Absolutely. It's probably not the way that you'd think, though. Hypnosis [its self] is an altered state of consciousness, where your attention is focused inward. So, when asking about hypnosis or a hypnotist controlling your mind, you'd be referring to the suggestions that you are receiving (what the person or download is saying to you). This will help: Common Questions about Hypnosis

As a hypnotist, I have no power over you. 
I do, however, have the tools that you need to have power over yourself and your life. 

Can a Hypnotist Control your Mind? They can give you suggestions that your subconscious mind can follow, or do. 
It's your subconscious mind that predicts your future and creates your life. It's the part of mind that does everything automatically. So, it can seem like the hypnotist made you do something but, the truth is, your mind followed the suggestions that it was given. 

But, can't a hypnotist make me loose weight or quit smoking? Actually, it's not my job to make you do something. (Other hypnotists may give you a different answer to this.) It's my job to teach and give you the tools that you need to be able to make the changes that you want. Learning how to work with your mind, listening to the downloads, gives you the choices you didn't realize that you have had before and/or makes it possible for you to carry our the t decisions that you have made to create what you want. 

Can a Hypnotist Control People or Make them Do Things? Not against their will. Here's the catch: Your subconscious mind follows different rules than your conscious mind (the awake 'in control' you, so to speak) ~ A good hypnotist can by pass your conscious mind in many ways, that again, would make it look like someone is under their spell or being controlled. If (whatever it is) goes against your subconscious programming, you won't do it. Period. 
So, which suggestion does your subconscious mind act on? Well, you have layers, levels, a variety of programs in your mind. Your subconscious mind will sift through all of them and choose the one that has the most (for lack of a better word) 'energy' around it and use that. It will also 'decide' what's the safest thing for you to do. Anyone that tells you the subconscious mind doesn't reason or make decisions, doesn't know the mind. Or, probably, more truthfully, hasn't worked [dialogued] with  the subconscious mind or the inner levels. Click here to Read about The Mind and How Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Work

So, Why Use Hypnosis? Because your subconscious mind creates your life. And, there's probably a bunch of stuff in there that you don't want or don't like. Changing your subconscious programming is the quickest (and easiest) way to change your life. And, all that means is taking out everything that's in your mind that does not align with your truth. Remember, your mind records and keeps everything. I mean everything~ everything you've heard, learned, watched, read. If there are any thoughts that you have that you're not fond of or don't like, change your programming. It will change your life. This is also what people refer to as blocks: Click here to Read about Blocks

Note about This Meme: It's not intended to scare you, on the contrary, it's for you to think about it. What have you learned~ from society, your parents, your friends? What have you heard over and over? Those things (good, bad, positive, negative, true, or untrue) are all in your mind. And, all of those things are running like tapes in the background, creating your life, keeping habits and patterns in place and shaping you into who you are. If they are correct or if you like them, keep them. If they are not, change them. What good can come of an old record playing I'm clumsy, I'm dumb, I can't do anything right, no one listens to me, no one cares how I feel, You're _____, ... you get the idea. Those, by the way, were just a few negative programs so that you have an idea of what I'm talking about. Everyone's programming is going to be different. What suggestions we accept and what we reject are completely individual. This article about The Mind breaks it down and makes it simple and easy to understand. Happy Reading! Click here to Read about The Mind and How Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Work

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Adult Coloring & Manifesting

Let's Get Creative! One of the best ways to quiet your mind, create what you want and get answers from yourself is to do something that keeps your hands busy, conscious mind focused and still allows some drifty time. Word Search Books are fabulous for this, crafts of all types and, of course, coloring books and activity pages. (Here's the Amazon link if you don't want to download and print stuff.)

Here's some stuff to get you started on the coloring activities. So Fun! Intricate Design Series: The complimentary Intricate Design Series is created to inspire contemplation and

creation. There's a plethora of subjects within the line: activity sheets and exercises, coloring pages, creativity sheets and manifesting papers and sets. Enjoy! 
Activity eBooks
Coloring Pages
Creativity Sets
Manifesting Paper Sets
Simple Printables
Intricate Designs eBook [Sample]

The fabulous thing about the internet is that you have so many options! There's a plethora of places for you to get coloring books
and free printables. Check out our Boards on Pinterest. Once you're in there, start looking around at other sites and/or do a search for adult coloring. Plus, you'll find a bunch of videos and posts that will give you tips and hints about coloring!
Colored pencils and crayons are still an all time favorite for those of us that have been coloring~ way before adult coloring became a thing. Plus, there's all types of crayons and pencils from watercolor to oils to the packages you can find for $.99 in the grocery store. Below are a few fun and different ideas for you. I've put in the links (to Amazon) to make it easy :) Think: Fun & Relax Time. The easiest way to set yourself up for a great manifestation session is by being in the correct state of mind. Need some help with that? Try our complimentary download: Coloring Reduces Stress and Tension
Let's Get Coloring! 
Now, what mediums do you use? Well, that completely depends on you and your level of coloring skills ;) Just be sure that you use the correct paper for whatever you're coloring with. Here's some fun things for you to try. Happy Coloring!
If you're concerned about a goof here and there or changing your mind, These are great. Almost as brilliant as erasable pens and invisible ink ;) These actually work much better than I imagined they would and with these~ you can change your mind as much as you like! Plus, you can do all kinds of fun shading using the erasers. Yay! Crayola 12ct Erasable Colored Pencils
Now, as you know, you can get regular colored pencils from anywhere. The quality may vary but they're plentiful. But these... All Colors in One. So Fun & Easy! They're fabulous for manifesting, coloring and writing and every project comes out unique. There're usually a bit more expensive, but worth it if you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your creations. Rainbow Pencils - 7 Colors in 1 Pencil made from Natural Cedar (Bundle of 12) Writes in a rainbow of Brilliant Colors
How cute are these? Fine Tips Watercolor Pens - 24 Pack and they're under $10! If you like markers (and fine tips)~ you're going to love these and they are really pretty! Reaeon Markers Fine Tips Watercolor Pens - 24 Pack Washable Pen Perfect for Kid and Adult Coloring Book, Secret of Garden
Now, if you're a fan of larger tips: I love, love, love these. They have brush tips. So Fun! And, they're under $15. Mine have lasted me forever! Plus, I'm a big fan of the case they're in. :) Try them! You may be pleasantly surprised how easy brush tips are to use and you kind-of feel like you're painting!  Brilliant Brush Markers - Set of 12

A few reminders of happy childhood coloring memories! Happy Coloring!
 Ok... And, life would not be complete unless you have some smelly markers on hand! They're fun  and they're only $5.00. Now, That's Fun!  Mr. Sketch Assorted Scent Markers, 12 Pack (1905069)And the Scents: Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Banana, Mint, Apple, Blueberry, Grape, Cinnamon, Licorice. Awesome.

Since I added smelly markers... I figured I better put in stackable/changing point pencils. Do you remember these?!! SO Fun! ~ If not, you're too young and you should get some. They are awesome ;) They come in a pack of 12 (yes, they are for kids) and are under $10. They're super fun to take with you (really easy to carry and have a good case) and if you have kids, they'll probably get a kick out of you using them!  Fun Express Transparent Glitter Stacking Point Crayons (Pack of 12) - Stationery and Crayons Toy

Monday, August 1, 2016

New Downloads. Yay!

Here's the truth... I love downloads. No, seriously. I love them. I love listening to them, I love making them and I love hearing the fabulous stories of how they change people's lives. I also push them a lot. My first question is, "Are you listening to your download?" Why? Because the downloads are talking to your subconscious mind. And, it's your subconscious mind that creates your life. Simple. Simple. Now, because of all of that, many of you reading this have a whole stock pile of them. That's where this idea came from. [New Release Subscription] The only thing in this monthly subscription will be the brand new ones. Yay! They'll be put into the New Releases the same time that they are put into the other subscriptions. If you are already doing the Unlimited Potential Program, do not sign up for this. You don't need it. Do, however, click on this link, to see what just got entered into your program. So Fun! And, clean and easy. 
Now, because I love downloads (and see clients) there's a plethora of them for you to choose from. Really. There are hundreds of them and they are all different. Click here to check them out (at the top, select: Per Page: All Items and scroll through). None of the downloads are scripted (you never have to worry about hearing the same thing) and because of that, I cannot make the same one twice. You'll see the super sale priced ones ($3.95) because the recording came out funky for some reason or another. If I like it, it's going up at that super  sale price. Okay, about those hundreds of downloads: Make a list of some of the things in yourself or in your life that you'd like to change, fix or enhance and do a key word search [in the shop] and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results! So Fun. And, to me, that's real power and control...That you can decide who and what you want to be and make it happen. Awesome. 
So, here's the thingy! Enjoy this! It's just an easy way to add some wonderfulness to your life. :) Try out our New Downloads! Test out all of the downloads for only $24.95 a month! You'll get unlimited streaming access on all of our new releases in the Unlimited Streaming Shop! Woo-Hoo! Click here! to see them now. What a great way to decide if they are for you! If you decide that you'd like to buy them, you'll save 10% for being an early bird! The list new downloads are released on Changes Made Easy Blog on the 15th of
every month. If you want to be super early, click here and you'll see the list. The coupon for 10% off the peurchase price of the individual downloads is good in Mind, Body & Soul and DIY Downloads Shops only. But, you can see the list here. You'll get unlimited streaming access to try them all out for the $24.95 a month, and, as with all of our streaming [subscription] options, you get a free 24 hour trial. Yay! You! Now, ... Here's the catch: You have to create an account. (No, we do not keep your information or 'do' anything with it.) The account is so that you are able to access all of your digital products. Be sure that you remember the login (email) and password that you use. The login that you create is for any products that you get from any of the download shops through  Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com. If you have downloaded any affirmation eBooks or any other free products, you'll still have to access them through your account. Now, back to the subscription stuff, you'll get an email at the end of your 24 hours letting you know that the trial period is up. If you want to keep using you it, you'll need to purchase it. If you don't want to renew it, do nothing and and... that's it. The subscription products will just 'disappear' out of your account. Easy, Peasy. None of our subscriptions automatically renew. If you want to keep it going, you have to buy it again every month. And, just like before, you'll get an email letting you know that your subscription is coming up for renewal. Remember, you have unlimited streaming ability so use it! Wear those downloads out! There's at least 10 new ones every month so inundate yourself with all that good, new stuff! Oh, and, with all of your other products that you have checked-out, they'll still be in your account... Umm, forever. Individual products never expire. 
Living Lightly  Newsletter .comIf you like the stuff that you try or enjoy hypnosis and guided meditations~Join our Newsletter.  You'll get a new newsletter every 27 days and on some holidays. We want you to take your time and enjoy reading the articles and doing the exercises. And, we give out various downloads every few newsletters. And, with that, also, there's no catch. Use the link and the coupon code and your download will be free. You can access through your account~ forever. From your account you're able to stream it or download it to any device that you like, as many times as you like. Why do we do that? Simple. It's because working with your mind is awesome and the world would be a much different place if everyone was just a tad bit more comfortable with themselves, listened to their bodies and regularly received (and understood) the messages from their inner minds and Higher Selves. Yay!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Type of Downloads Do I Need?

All Hypnosis Is Self Hypnosis. And, depending on what your goals are will depend on which type of downloads that will work best for you. Be sure to bookmark this blog entry and/or keep a copy of the image [below] for easy reference. It's the best way I could think of to make finding what you need easy. Plus, it gives you a loose guideline of how often to listen to that type to get the desired result. Click here to Read How Often Should I Listen to Them? post. 

Affirmation Recordings [positive statements]: help your conscious mind stay focused on your goals; listen to these anytime, anywhere, doing whatever you want

* All hypnosis sessions are to be listened to lying back with your eyes closed. Do not do anything else while playing these types of downloads [below]. * 

Hypnosis [suggestion, positive programming]: programs your subconscious mind; listen to them daily until desired result and [then] a few times a month to keep 'it' up 
Specialty Recordings: follow the directions 

Guided Meditations, Creative Visualizations: lead you into various parts of your inner mind to get answers and help; listen to these anytime you need or want answers or guidance (follow the directions) 

Black Boards [subconscious reprogramming]: erase and replaces programs, images and imprints; listen to these until the thoughts or behaviors 'go away' and anytime they return or you're worried about it. 

To Go To Sleep [sleep hypnosis]: hypnosis sessions that guide you into a sleep state; only listen to these when you want to go to sleep [for the night\day]

Keep a copy of this j.peg. Click here to get it from Pinterest.  It's a loose guideline that can help you when you're picking out what you need and [can be] a good reference point and guideline to track your progress.

Happy Choosing!

This is a great post with a fabulous exercise. Have Fun! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Getting Answers from Your Spirit Guides

You can do it! Try these exercises. This a great introduction to get you into the habit of asking for the answers that you seek. 
If you need help Getting Answers from Your Spirit Guide, Click Here. It's a post about Your Spirit Guides. If you'd like your own Guided Meditation Channeled from Your Guides, Click Here. 

It's Journal Time! If you don't already have one... Get a Journal! At Changes Made Easy .com we believe it's about consciousness. We think life should be fun... more fun... bunches and bunches of fun! We also believe that every choice each and every one of us make, everyday has the potential to substantially change the world... our world. This is a great opportunity to bring you unique and thoughtful products. We have a huge selection of various products to support all types of causes and differences in thought. Click Here to Visit The Spunky Plum.

Journaling Exercise #1: Make a List of Questions that you would like to ask your Spirit Guide. Be sure to date it and be descriptive enough that if you come back to it in a few years you'll know what you were thinking and asking about. 

Jounaling Exercise #2: Clean up your list. Pick one or two things that are really important to you. Rewrite them on an separate pages of your journal. Over the next few weeks, everything you think you may have gotten an answer or guidance, write it on that page (the one that corresponds with your question). 

Onto Channeling: The more you practice, the better you'll get. Really. It's about focusing your mind, clearing away any gunk you've got in there and being aware of the subtle vibrations within each thought. You can learn to channel everything from your pets to people that have
passed over to ... Well, you name it. If it is a sentient being, you can channel it. It takes a lot of practice and perseverance. If you want to be good at it, clean up your mind. That's conscious and subconscious thoughts, learn how to tune into your Higher Self and eliminate all negative programming (anything in your mind that is not Truth). If you're serious about doing this, click here. I designed a created all of the stuff you'll find [there]. And, the whole time, I was thinking... "This would have made my life infinitely better if I had this years ago!" :) Hence, I created it. I cannot imagine that there are not tons of people out there that would love to be able to take control of their lives by using the different levels of their minds.  

Is it worth it? Absolutely! And, we're doing it [channeling] all the time. The problem is, no one has control over what they're giving or receiving. A great way to start developing some of those channeling skills is by learning how to Communicate Mind to Mind. I offer a free pre-course that will get you started. It's an introduction to what you'll be doing. And, if you can find someone to practice and take the classes with... So Fun!

Journling Exercise #3: After a few weeks or months, go back over your journal pages. Review them thoroughly. How did the information come to you? Did you get messages through people you know, what you were reading or watching or did it come through your dreams? 

Journaling Exercise #4: Yay! You! Now, you've got an idea of how you communicate with you. SO Fun! Keep up this process. You'll be amazed to find how your messages begin to increase. 

Now, it's time to start Journaling a lot. Do a ton of exercises and manifesting. Practice. Practice. Practice. The more you do it, the more you'll start counting on your inner guidance and journaling to help you with , well, just about everything! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

How Often Should I Listen to Them?

There's really no set amount that you should be listening to them. Obviously, the more you do something, the better you will get at it. One of the Rules of The Mind is: Each suggestion acted upon creates less opposition to successive suggestion. The more you listen to your downloads and 'do' what they tell you to, the better and faster they will work. You will notice that the more you use the downloads, the better you will feel, the lighter your mood will be and, you'll just simply, feel better and 'be' better in every aspect of your life. A good way to think about it it is, do for your mind more than what you should be doing for your body. If you work out three days a week, listen to your downloads six days. If you go to the gym for two hours a week, listen to four downloads. Is it hard to fit it in all week? Every week? Not once you get into the habit of it. That's one of the fabulous things about sleep hypnosis, you never even have to change your schedule. And, if you listen to one a night, that's at least 3 1/2 hours of positive suggestion or 7 downloads. Easy Peasy! And, the results are amazing! If you're the type of person that cannot sit for long, there's a ton of short ones that are just 15 minutes. Use those until you're ready for something longer.
The habit of listening to downloads is super easy to get into. You'll notice yourself looking forward to that time and even wanting to do it more often. Plus, there's so many choices that you'll be able to use them for what ever is going on in your life. Think of them as your very own on-call, as-needed tool box for life improvement, self management and support for all aspects of your life.
As, said earlier, there's really no set amount of times that you should be doing your downloads. Pay attention to what's working for you. You need to listen to them 'enough' to get an idea of what and how they work in your life. So, with that being said, once a day. If you can't do once a day, do every other day until you can get one in a day. If you're bored, try a different one. You can also mix them up and use different types. Now, I'm talking about all of the downloads associated with Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com. They will not contradict or thwart each other or interfere with any other inner work you're doing; Unless, of course, you pick two opposing downloads. Don't do that. For example: an I'm excited to be married and a happy to be single. Those would be opposing downloads, so, make a choice. Decide which one do you want and listen to other downloads that support your goal[s]. Now, you can listen to effortless weight loss and I take care of my body at the same time. They have the same goal in mind. You'll notice when you click on one of the downloads (View Details) it opens up so that you can read the description. Below that, there's a bunch of downloads that are related to it or may support it. Click here to see the Unlimited Streaming Downloads.  (I use this shop the most for examples because it has all the downloads from all the various shops there. The only ones that are missing are the Classes, Seminars & Lectures and the eCourses & Training.) 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Custom Hypnosis Downloads

The very best way to describe what downloads are and what they do is the 30 second video [below]. It doesn't give you the definitions but it certainly wraps up what you'll be hearing in a simple, easy and clear way. Yay! If you'd like to read about The Mind and how hypnosis and hypnotherapy work, click here. 

Now, custom download are so awesome because it's you. Yes, it is all about you! :) You decide what you want to think, feel, change or create. You may have a huge laundry list of stuff or just a couple items. You choose the length of the download and what time of day or night you want to it made for. You even choose the speed of the voice [talking to you], visualizations (if you want them) and the sounds in the background. Oh, and no, this is not a computer program. :) You can decide if you want one that you'll use for the rest of your life, until you hit your goals or just for a specified time frame. All downloads rock, seriously. Downloads will change your life. But personal ones are different. There's something wonderful, beyond words, that happens when all parts of you are listening to someone talking specifically to them. 

Remember, if you can think it, you can create it. People's Spirits have consistently said it's not that they're thinking or dreaming too big, it's that hey're not thinking big enough.

If you'd like to try it but are unsure of what your mind can do o, just simply, need some ideas, here's a great list for you to look at.

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This is one of the forms that you'll fill out for your session. The paperwork is long and detailed. The more information that you give, the better your download will be. Click here to read What's Hypnosis Filler? The image is much bigger on that blog post. :)

Here's the Make an Appointment Link. 
Are you interested in getting one that's already made? There's a ton of choices! (There's well over 300 and we're constantly adding more.) What makes these downloads different from other downloads everywhere else? They focus on your Light, making life is fun and easy. You have the ability to manifest anything that you can think of. These downloads give you the tools you need to bring your desires into fruition. What's the catch? All of these downloads make you happy, make your life simpler and more enjoyable... the underlying message in every download you will buy here... You are a Creator Spirit and you have the power and ability to create what you want... in every aspect of your life.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick & Easy Manifesting with Downloads

What better way to manifest what you want than by using the part of your mind that is designed to take care of you, bring you what you tell it to, and that predicts and creates the future? ... I agree, there isn't one :) Be sure to keep the memes. They'll always be useful and may come in handy if you're unsure of what you need. 
Follow the 6 Steps and you'll create what you want. You have to, so to speak, it's the Rules of The Mind. *
Click here to read about The Mind. (Self Hypnosis, The Mind and How your Hypnosis Downloads, CDs and Tapes Work)

We have a plethora of monthly subscriptions to choose from. Plus, there's a free 24 hour trial so that you can be sure that you like the audios and that they're in alignment with who you want to be and what you want to create. Enjoy!
Click on the links to view the packages and what downloads are included in them.
Just enter the coupon code  discount20 at check-out and you'll get 20% off your subscription! Happy Listening!

Be sure to save the images and/or bookmark this page. They're created for your enjoyment and convenience. 
Happy Manifesting!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Work

My goal for this post is for you to understand the very basics of how your mind: the conscious, subconscious, and super conscious all work together or against each other and how this happens. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. It is a natural state where your conscious attention is focused within your mind. It is any time your conscious mind is relaxed. Hypnosis is the process where by using different techniques you are able to bypass or relax the conscious mind, the critical factor, to achieve certain goals. In hypnosis (listening to a download or in session) you will be fully aware, if you choose to be, and are able at all times, in any state of hypnosis and relaxation, to accept or deny any thing that you hear. You are the one who chooses to enter a hypnotic state and have the choice to come up or wake up any time you wish or need to. The person speaking is a guide for you. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You do all the work your self and the more you participate and accept the suggestions the greater the result. As with anything, it is improved with practice.
To understand what hypnosis is and how it works, one must understand the three levels of The Mind: Your conscious mind- is the Reasoning Mind. It is the part of the mind that makes decisions & choices. Your conscious mind-Creates Thoughts, Sets Goals, and Wills Actions. This is the logical mind. Your subconscious mind-is the Seat of Physical Programming-, which means it controls the Body & the Brain. It Controls Autonomic Programming and Carries out Habitual Conduct. It is the Seat of your Emotions and it is the Seat of Memory or where all your memories are stored. It is also the Seat of Imagination, Imaging and Communication. The subconscious mind is also the Seat of Action. It Carries out Goals, Decisions, and Choices of Conscious Level of mind unless blocked by Previous Programming; which I will explain in a moment. And the 3rd level of your mind is the super-conscious mind. It is the Seat of your Higher Self which Provides Guidance for the Conscious Level of Mind. It also Sets Programming in the Subconscious Level of Mind for your Life Lessons & Purposes.
I mentioned previous programming above; a program is an idea or belief that has been accepted by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not reason and takes everything very literally. Once a program is accepted, it is there… something like a file. The subconscious mind keeps it until it is replaced or erased. Our programs are what we have built our lives around. These programs are affecting us with or without our knowing. I will mention, however, that we have free will and are able to over ride the subconscious programs with our conscious mind but only for short periods of time. In order to achieve a certain goal the conscious and subconscious need to work together so the goal is accomplished and the results are kept. For example, if you have a program (in the subconscious) that a lot money causes problems but consciously you want a lot of money; you may receive what you consider a lot of money it but perhaps have a hard time keeping it. Or perhaps find yourself struggling with money itself or the thoughts about it because of the subconscious program. This was a simplified version of why or how a pattern may be established. As you can see, opposing ideas cannot be held at one and the same time without creating stress in the subconscious mind.
This brings us to the subject of how hypnotherapy and hypnosis work.
Hypnotherapy uses various techniques of bypassing the conscious mind to heal and/or change the programs or programming and experience or experiences that are buried in the subconscious mind; there by allowing us to lead happier healthier lives. I believe you must release and heal the origin of the problem or issue not the symptoms. By entering the files where these are kept, we are able to access the root of the subject. Hypnotherapy should be done with a professional whom you are comfortable with. Hypnosis is a wonderful and safe way to program your subconscious to carry out your goals. Your mind is amazing.
You can program your subconscious mind to achieve a certain goal with a hypnosis download. Suggestions WILL work if there aren’t any blocks or previous programs in your mind rejecting the suggestions. A few indications of this could be anxiety, procrastination, feeling grouchy or angry or depressed, deliberately sabotaging your goal, not listening to the hypnosis download, not doing the exercises, finding other things to do instead or finally just giving up. If you feel that you have found or stumbled onto a block, remember you have a better understanding of the mind, your self, and a greater ability to seek out someone to guide you into releasing your old blocks or programs. (Click here for more information on Blocks) It is best to find someone to help you find the origin of the problem that is presenting the block. Also, please remember not to give yourself negative suggestions to make it stop working. Think of the hypnosis download as a tape player, playing in your mind every time the trigger word is heard. The subconscious mind will continue to replay it (once you have programmed it) over and over unless you tell it to stop. You can choose to stop it at any time. If you notice yourself doubting or saying this isn’t working, re-do the exercises/listen to the tape etc. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind. By doubting and affirming it is not working, you told the subconscious to push stop on your tape player.
(Remember that we are all different and we heal and change at a pace that is for our highest good. Give your self-some time to integrate this new information and remember giving yourself a face-lift will take a lot longer than changing your sleeping patterns!) Click here to peruse all of the hypnosis and guided meditation downloads in the unlimited streaming shop. Click here to read about What Type of Downloads Do I need?